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Simpsons World



FXX wanted to launch a website that made it possible for viewers to view every episode on a wide range of connected devices. With over 25 seasons and over 500 episodes, a show like the Simpsons has one of the most dedicated and has arguably the most widespread fan base out there today.

When it came to constructing a home for Simpsons World, enhancing the interactivity within the site is main objective. Curation and discovery is an important component for the entire site as it enables people to search throughout the site for episodes, clips by place name, or their favorite character. Videos, editorial content and social create a trifecta satisfying the ultimate in Simpsons fandom, sure to keep users engaged across all elements of the website.



Our task with Simpsons World was much more than to create a fully functional website, but assure the website was widely accessible across a variety devices including mobile. As if the historic deal between FX and Fox wasn’t huge news already, FX decided to start airing every Simpsons episode ever. With all this buzz around the Simpsons you need a fully functional, stellar website to go with it – and fast, the entire project took two and a half months to complete.



Primarily working on the backend of the project, we built the Simpsons World website and leveraged the existing, flexible infrastructure we created for to power iOS, Android, Xbox, Xbox360, Roku, Samsung TVs and Apple TV. Diamond created the Fox API, effectively shielding the consumers of data: the web, mobile apps, games and connected devices, from having to handle implementation details for several vendors. We created mappings for each vendor to normalize data thus providing a stable and consistent API for consuming applications.

For the enormous amount of content The Simpsons has, we needed an enormous database for Simpsons World to pluck it from and in order to do this we implemented the leading NoSQL database, MongoDB.

As for the whopping 525 episodes of the Simpsons and selected notable clips, FX needed a powerful, seamless online video platform solution, supported on a vast selection of devices. The solution? thePlatform.

User account pages will be available soon for fans to customize their profile, as well as house data including previously watched clips and user settings. Simpsons World is connected socially through Facebook, Twitter and email as well as Newsletter integration through Responsys. As Simpsons World is content only available to those with a cable provider it was necessary to implement MVPD authentication integration with AdobePass. Content pages including TOS, Privacy policies as well as all API endpoints to support content pages and parental controls were all created as well.

Diamond worked with FX partners HUGE Inc. on the creative/frontend and Robochan on mobile.

And in case you were wondering: the 25 seasons alone include 202 hours and 24 minutes of footage. That’s 12,144 minutes! Or, if you prefer – eight and a half days worth of Simpsons goodness. Cue *Homer Simpson drooling .gif*