FX Networks approached us with an app idea that needed to be executed as part of the launch of their new network, FXX. The idea was for users to create gif-like shorts with a continuous series of photos effectively creating a shareable montage that can be submitted by users for broadcast consideration.



To provide a way for viewers to be engaged via a custom social network and be able to submit content for use during broadcasts for FXX viewers to see.



We completed web, Android, and iOS development. Diamond completed all additional development and new UX and designs required for a full feature, extended build. FXX App Website and FXX App CMS was built on a LAMP stack using PHP 5.4. MongoDB. This build required heavy customization of the camera UI on both android and iOS, along with modifications to standard list and playback functionality to allow for “autoplay as you scroll” capabilities. Application level caching was completed using Memcached. Diamond also built out an extensive back end infrastructure and API to handle the uploading, transcoding, and delivery of content.

Diamond worked with FX partner iconmobile, who handled UX as well as design.